Olaplex Hair Rescue Kit



The Hair Rescue Kit is the perfect self-care-for-hair gift for you or a loved one you want to treat this season. After all, good friends don’t let friends have bad hair days. Right? OLAPLEX couldn’t create a kit without the cult classic, bond-building hero Nº.3 Hair Perfector, available in the Kit in its full size. The good hair days don’t stop there. The Kit also includes Nº.0 to boost Nº.3’s power for 68% stronger hair, plus deluxe samples of color-safe N°.4 and N°.5 shampoo and conditioner. 

 This is just enough to see you through weekly treatments to amplify the integrity of your hair for all the holiday styling and color appointments you’re getting into. Good hair days are all about how you feel. Focusing on the hair’s health is the most sustainable way to look good and feel good. When your hair is healthier, everything from styling and color to manageability becomes easier. 

Type: Treatments