Kerastase Nutritive Bottle & Refill 500ml



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 Kérastase applies its innovative spirit to an entirely new shampoo delivery system that is more luxurious and sustainable than ever before. Available in five Kérastase ranges, the refillable bain provides a reusable, beautiful shampoo bottle for an aesthetically pleasing, luxury look in the shower.

Bain Satin 2 is a nutrition shampoo that was specifically created for dry and sensitized hair. Its highly nutritive formula removes residues and makes a light deposit of Irisome complex onto the hair. This nourishing ingredient helps to purify the hair carefully, easing detangling and bringing a soft and smooth touch to the fiber. Fingers easily slide through the hair, without any resistance. Refill shampoo pouch to be purchased to fill the refillable shampoo bottle.

Type: Shampoo