Eleven Smooth Gift Set (Babarra)

Eleven Australia


The ELEVEN Australia SMOOTH TRIO is called [Babarra] meaning ‘tell a story’. This artwork is about having a safe, happy and healthy journey. It shows land, bush plums for health, flowers for growth and is about the journey.” Ryhia Dank [Nardurna]


SMOOTH ME NOW ANTI-FRIZZ SHAMPOO 300ml Nutrient-rich SMOOTH ME NOW ANTI-FRIZZ SHAMPOO fights the two main causes of frizz – damage and dryness.

SMOOTH ME NOW ANTI-FRIZZ CONDITIONER 300ml Take control of your hair by switching to SMOOTH ME NOW ANTI-FRIZZ CONDITIONER. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch conditions the hair, leaving it smooth and manageable.

 3 MINUTE REPAIR RINSE OUT TREATMENT 200ml Contains multiple hair conditioning agents and proteins to treat and repair dry, colour -damaged hair.

Type: Shampoo